Saturday, March 8, 2014

After The Rain

Après la pluie, le beau temps

Life is hard. There, I said it! The Truth. As the adults always said, "Get used to it." However I don't wish to use this forum to complain about how hard life is/was/can be.

This blog is about le beau temps - beautiful weather, fair times, enjoyment. Après la pluie - after the rain . . . comes the rainbow, right? Le temps parfait is about now. Today. The most beautiful, perfect time that there is.

No matter what goes wrong, the sun is always shining up there above the clouds. We humans constantly refer to the weather to express and explain emotion . . . we anthropomorphize everything "up there," and we all seem to connect with each other by discussing the weather.

It's real, it's what's happening in our world as we exist, right now. It's always present. And the beautiful, intriguing thing about us always coming back to the weather - whether we're asking our family members out of state what the weather is like where they are, or we're commenting to the barista that it's so chilly out it's perfect for this chai, or it's so beautiful out, we're looking forward to sipping this iced tea in the sunshine - is that the weather is always with us, always present, always now.

We feel storms in our bones as we age, we soak in sunshine for needed Vitamin D, we fend off (or bundle up and play in) snow and rain. It's the one thing every one of us is connected to. Forget religious views, skin shades, political leanings and anything else that seems to divide us into cliques, groups, clans, tribes, etc. When you're with someone in the here and now, you're with them in the weather of the moment. You're literally weathering life with them. And that honest act of being present, of this, here, being the perfect time - that is the current focus my life.

Thank you for being present with me to share le temps parfait!